Parish Directory



Parish Priest:             Rev Paul Anthony, VF
Deacon:                      Rev Paul Manvell

Parish Secretary:      Mrs. Liz Hearne


Parish Pastoral Council

Chairperson:            Mr Grahame Tighe

Deputy:                     Mr Matthew Pawsey
Secretary:                 Mr Frank Gooley
Ex-officio:                  Rev Paul Anthony, Rev Paul Manvell & Dr Jake Madden, principal
Members:                 Mrs Rosemary Fisher, Mr Frank Gooley, Mr Laurence Hearne,                                                     Mrs Kerry Keating & Mrs Janet MacRae


Finance Committee

Chairperson:             Mrs Kirrilee Ringland
Secretary:                 Mrs Liz Hearne    
Ex-officio:                  Rev Paul Anthony | Rev Paul Manvell
Members:                  Mr Grahame York | Mr Steve Cunneen


Liturgy Committee

Coordinator:              Mrs Judy Milne


Altar Servers & Children’s Liturgy

Contact Person:        Mrs Sally Clarke


Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

Contact Person:         Rev Paul Manvell


Music Ministry

Contact Persons:       Mrs Liz Hearne (Parish Choir) | Mrs Anne Elsley (Guitar Group)
                                     Mrs Edna Sancho (Filipino Community)

Organists:                   Mrs Gloria Telford | Mrs Veronica Frost

                                      Mrs Niño Dizon (Filipino Community)


English as Second Language Class (English for New Migrants)

Contact Person:         Mrs Geraldine Chapman


Baptismal Preparation Team

Contact Person:          Mrs Denise Sullivan


Sacramental Preparation for State Schools

Contact Persons:        Mrs Kerry and Rev Paul Manvell



Contact Persons:        Mrs Judy Milne and Mrs Denise Sullivan


Catholic Viewpoint

Contact Person:         Mr Brian Sullivan


Hall Hire

Contact Person:         Mr Grahame Tighe - Phone: (02)6765 7259


Family Group

Coordinators:            Mrs Kerry Keating & Mrs Sandra Grace (White Ants Group)

Mothers’ Prayer Group                

Coordinator:              Mrs Trish Tighe
Meeting:                     Every Monday


Rosary Prayer Group

Coordinator:                Mrs Dulcie Johns
Meeting:                       Every Wednesday


St Eddie’s Senior Luncheon Group

Coordinators:              Mrs Anne and Mr John Fittler
Meeting:                       Every 3rd Tuesday of the month


St Vincent de Paul Society (Conference)

President:                   Mrs Cathy Norvill
Meeting:                      Every Monday


St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies Shop)

Shop:                            70 Duri Road, South Tamworth


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