Plenary Council 2020

Plenary Council 2020 - Phase II

A combination of data analysis, prayer and reflection has helped the Plenary Council 2020 process move from the voices of more than 220,000 people across our country to six national themes for discernment. You are now invited in your faith communities to phase two–a process of communal discernment in which we will pray, reflect, share, think nationally, think locally and respond with proposals for action at both a national and local level. This will take place from August to December 2019.

Your proposals will be sent to the specific National Working and Writing Group. Each National Group has the responsibility of writing the agenda for a particular theme for the plenary council when it meets in Adelaide in 2020. Local proposals will be discussed and managed locally.

Thank you to all who participated in phase one– the listening and dialogue phase. The involvement of so many people in the Diocese of Armidale was very welcome.

Please click the link to download >>> Plenary 2020 - Phase II - National Themes

Please click the link to download >>> Plenary 2020 - Phase II - Local Facilitators Meeting Guide v1

Please click the link to download >>> Plenary 2020 - Phase II - A Guide for Discernment and Proposing Actions

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