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Sacraments & Liturgical Services


  • Saturday  04.45pm - 05.15pm
  • Sunday     04.45pm - 05.15pm
  • Or by appointment


By appointment

Holy Orders

Click here to visit the Diocesan wesbite

Anointing of the Sick

  • Anointing Mass: 1st Wednesday of the month   09.30am
  • Sick call
  • Or by appointment


By appointment

Preparation & Reception of the Sacraments (School Children)

1st Reconciliation (Confession)

Enrolment Liturgy                  Sat  11 February        3.00pm

Reconciliation Day                Tue 28 March           4.00pm

1st Holy Communion

Parent’s Info                           Wed 26 April             6.00pm

Enrolment Mass                     Sat  29 April              5.30pm

1st Communion Sunday       Sun 18 June             9.00am


Parent’s Info                            Sat  05 August        5.00pm

Enrolment Mass                     Sat  05 August        5.30pm

Confirmation Sunday           Sun 17 September  9.00am

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